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Elections Reform (United States)

I still need to do research on this issue, and get more feedback in order to lay out a feasible plan, but here are a few of my ideas off the top of my head.

  1.   Minimally have 50%+1 for winning elections with one of the following voting systems (ranked from most understood to most advanced)

  2.   Open Primaries and run-off elections

  3.   Instant run-off voting

  4.   Approved Voting

  5.   Score Voting (like they do in the olympics)

  6.   Create the option of having a No $ campaign with public financing

  7.   Non-partisan commission for certification of election results

  8.   Ensure right to vote for everyone or minimally an advisory vote

  9.   Equal petition signatories for all candidates = no requirement to pay money unless government can prove they have a lot of money and it isn’t difficult to pay.

  10.   Free airtime on the public air waves and media for all candidates.  Require media to cover all candidates involved in a race, not just the two most popular one.  What place does the media have to pre-decide who the best candidates are before people even know about all of them.

  11. Create incentives for governments to increase voter participation.  For example, have term limits based on the percentage of the total population that voted for the winning candidate.  To get the full term, you would need 75%+ of total population, for a 3/4 term, need at least 50% of population, for 1/2 term only 25% of population, and for 1/4 term less than 25%.

  12.   Make president elected by popular vote, not electoral collage.