These are ideas that I support.  These aren’t necessarily the most popular ideas that exist.  If you have a better idea, please let me know.

  1.   It is important to help countries, but also help them help themselves so they can become empowered and independent.

  2.   Our goals should be to not just help countries, but to help the entire society and humanity itself, as many times when you help a country, the aid may or may not go to the people, but only to the wealthy powerful people.  How can we create programs that engage and directly empower the people to be able to grow and support themselves.

  3.   We need to have emergency aid ready to be able to help for natural disasters, as well as create programs to allow people to be able to become refugees and get away from disasters.

  4.   We need to strengthen global human rights, and create rights to food, shelter, health care, and jobs etc.


Aid (Global)

Jay’s Candidacy