Overall Components of Jay’s Platform:

For a basic rundown of the primary issues on a National and Statewide Level, we recommend reviewing Bernie Sanders Issues Page by clicking here. I support and sponsor ALL of Bernie’s Recommendations and Issues.

Jay’s Platform is organized into five area groups; International, National, State, Area and Local.

Each area group is then split between two ranked lets of categories; Issues, and Super Categories.  The Super Categories are groupings of issues that are more related than other issues, in order to give a more overall understanding of our collective priorities.

All the issues and super categories are ranked according to public input.  The top issues are created through public input and anyone can participate through a variety of polls.  Click here to input your top priorities and improve the rankings.  Many input factors are utilized for deciding the ranking of each issue. For more detailed information on prioritizing issues click here.

Additionally we use the outcomes from the Community Elections to help prioritize Jay’s Platform. Click here for more information about the Community Elections.

Click Here to Vote in the most recent Community Election. More Voting options will come soon so we can all collectively prioritize and make decisions on what we work on together.

Within each issue there are two sections starting with the most politically popular ideas on top with green stars, and any other good ideas regardless of popularity are with red stars.  Politically popular ideas are the most feasible to be passed because these ideas seem to have the most support with the public and within legislatures.  Other good ideas are important to mention, and I would consider pursuing with greater public support.

Each issue will have a link to discussions and prioritization within each issue as pat of Jay’s Candidacy Public Communications Connector (PCC).  Here anyone can comment or suggest new solutions, or vote on the priority of the solutions that are given to help prioritize them.

Much more time will be spent updating and adding to this platform.  Although it may seem like a lot, with many levels, this is the reality of our world.  Unless we are looking at all the issues that the public needs solutions for, and more importantly how all the issues are inter-related, then it won’t be possible to solve the most difficult problems.

General Goals for Current Election:

  1. 1.Get Bernie Sanders Elected President!

    1. •Initiate the New American Political rEVOLution! 

    2. •Catalyze a Mass Millions Mobilization Movement that Bernie is calling for!

    3. •Elect Bernie Candidates at all levels of office from local to congress to support Bernie’s Agenda when he is president, and to continue his vision and push for the People’s Voice!

    4. •. . .

  2. 2.Economic Equality & Opportunities for All!

    1. •Increase the Minimum Wage!

    2. •Break Up Big Banks!

    3. •Reinstate Glass-Steagall

    4. •Tax Wall Street & the Rich!

    5. •Simplify Taxes and End Tax Loopholes

    6. •Make having a Job a Right!

    7. •Guaranteed Minimum Income!

    8. •Overtime Pay for People working 2+ Jobs!

    9. •Community Equity & Societal Equity

    10. • . . .

  3. 3.Get Dirty & BIG Money OUT of Politics!

    1. •End Super PACs!

    2. •Reverse Citizen’s United!

    3. •Support Low & No Money Candidates - Make sure NO one can be pressured into Bankruptcy simply because they Run for Political Office!

    4. •Create the People’s Parallel Congress - Get Everyday Normal People Running for Office

    5. •Get Candidates to Sign Campaign Finance Reform Pledges

    6. •Approved & Score Voting! (OK with at least Runoff)

    7. •Article the First! - Ratify the 1st EVER Proposed Amendment to the Constitution!

    8. •. . .

  4. 4.Stop Environmental Destruction Immediately!

    1. •Balance our relationship with the Planet!

    2. •Stabilize the Climate for a Thriving Earth!

    3. •Cut Carbon Emissions, Carbon Tax, Carbon Caps

    4. •Carbon & Pollutant Based Currencies

    5. •CRV (Cycling Resource Value) for All Physical Products starting with Cigarette Butts

    6. •Integrated Sustainable Design

    7. •Ban ALL Landfills & turn them into Resource Cycling Centers

    8. •. . .

  5. 5.And Much Much More . . .

    1. •Democratic Trilogy including Direct Democracy & Community Elections where You decide Priorities!

    2. •Make Health Care a Right!

    3. •Free & Accessible Education for All!

    4. •Citizenship after 10 years of Living in Country.

    5. •Peace & Elivationism

    6. •Having a Home is a Right!

    7. •Security & Privacy

    8. •Net Neutrality

    9. •. . .

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